Armor Spartans

The competitive division is designed for athletes that have full commitment to basketball training. This program will hold tryouts and players must make a team based on his basketball skill, conditioning, attitude and desire to train.  Outside of normal practice times, there will be training plans designed for each player to complete. These requirements will be measured monthly to track player growth.

Each and every player at this level must have complete buy in to the effort that will be needed to be successful. The players will practice harder than games and be mentally challenged to overcome what is believed as impossible.  At this level there is no easy path.  Consistent hard work is the only method for success!

The coaching methodology for this program will be based on training the players so they have proper reaction on the court to any circumstance.

Coaching focus highlights:

  • Team first attitude
  • Advance finishing moves
  • Utilizing multiple screens/pinning to create space
  • Train for immediate reaction to defense
  • Attacking the basket
  • Shooting on the move
  • Defensive trapping
  • And much more

This is a cut program and each player must be able to demonstrate the required effort, mental aspect and basketball skills to be selected.  

There is no expectation of even playing time.