Where did the name "Armor" come from?

The term “Armor” was first used around the 13th century.  The common definition is protective covering that is used to prevent damage from being inflicted during combat.  Well, that is what the basketball program is all about.  The Armor Basketball program requires the individual and team toughness to withstand an opponent during a game.  Every team we play will have runs during the game, but the Armor players will know by working together and being strong they will be able to withstand the attack and prevail in the end.  This takes not only individual strength, team composure, but helping your teammates.  As we all know, attitude is equally important as ability. 


Where do you practice?

Armor Basketball always practices at NB Courts in Livermore, CA.  Any information for NB Courts can be located on their website.  www.nbcourts.com


Do you have to have a NB Courts membership to play for Armor Basketball?

Simple answer - YES.  Basketball training and skills development is not something that can be accomplished in only official practices.  Court time is very critical for each player.  Practicing game like situations is the only manner to get the muscle memory required for improvement.  By having the monthly membership as part of Armor Basketball, the players can come utilize the facility to work on their skills.


Do you use the shooting machine "GUN" during practices?

Depending on the practice plan, there are many times that the team(s) are divided up into stations to ensure there is no wasted time.  Many times the stations will utilize the "Gun".  The coaching staff uses the "Gun" for drills.  It is great as the ball can always be put in play every 3 seconds.  The players get more repetitions in a shorter period of time with the "Gun".  Click to see information on the "Gun"